What to bring to EchoLan


  • PC / Laptop / Monitor
    For the maximum FPS

  • Keyboard / Mouse
    Get your APM up high, and because you kind of need them

  • Power Cables
    Because there is nothing worse than not having that special AC adapter that only your sick setup uses

  • Power Board
    We have limited ones available onsite, so be sure to bring your own as we will not be supplying all of our attendees


  • Toothbrush / toothpaste
    Nobody likes a stinky troll

  • Deodorant
    Seriously, nobody likes a stinky troll

  • Extra clothes
    Show off all your awesome gaming shirts! ..except the ones with stains

  • Bedding (Pillow / Sleeping Bag / Airbed)
    Sleep is important to perform at your best!

  • Cash / Eftpos
    For our newly super-sized shop

Seasonal Extras.

Please consider the weather and season when packing for the event. We may be inside but we will still be effected by the forces of nature!