This tournament is for a past event.

HearthStone at EchoLan Auckland 19

Double Elimination


Welcome to Echolan 19's HearthStone tournament!

Rules are standard Conquest/Standard, best of five matches in the brackets, leading up to a best of seven in the finals. We will be playing in the Americas region.

You are allowed three decks, and should you win one match in the series, that deck is eliminated until your next series. If you lose a match in the series, you can choose to change your deck to one of the other three or stick with it. Finals will work the same way, however once you win with all three decks, you can revive one to use. If you lose with this revived deck, you cannot switch it out and must use it until you win. If you win with the revived deck, you can revive another deck. This happens until one player wins the best of seven.

If you have any questions/queries contact one of the Admins.

Challonge bracket can be found here


These rules are subject to modification and change by the Echolan Crew.

No group

  • Bloodrat
  • Nostalgia
  • Avril
  • TheVerse
  • 5lay3r666
  • Nukes
  • Mcdeviant
  • Navi
  • WarFear
  • Arma
  • GoldenTakeaways
  • ColeBMX420
  • Redox

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