This tournament is for a past event.

X-Wing Hyperspace tournament at EchoLan Auckland 27

In partnership with EchoLan and Vagabond Games and Collectibles, we present our regular X-wing tournament. Hone your skills with your favourite ships, or see how your spicy new list will match up against your opponents.

200 pt Hyperspace Dogfights following the standard FFG tournament rules.
Prizes include the Official FFG Wave Kit 2, ship packs, alt-art cards and tokens.

$25 entry early bird (before 25th March)
$30 Standard Entry (on or after 25th March)
Register before April 7th to guarantee a spot at the table, all entries after that point at TO’s discretion.

All attendees will be able to participate in the side events put together by the guys at EchoLan including the keyboard smash, pub quiz and more. Also, Bring a Rookie and you and your novice will gain special privileges at the event! (more details to come…)

These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the EchoLan crew.

X-wing Pilots

  • DarthPenguin
  • GGartland
  • Michael
  • scwont
  • ledshok
  • PyroGhozt
  • 3 focuses & a blank
  • CIS Mail
  • Darcy
  • TeamRocket
  • majinsteve

Nobody Likes Me Crew

  • tccki

No group

  • Sinful Malice

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