This tournament is for a past event.

Counter-Strike: GO tournament at EchoLan Auckland 27

5v5 Double Elimination

Maps: Active Duty Pool
Game Mode: Defuse
Time Limit: 1:55 per round
Win Condition:  First team to win 16 rounds
Tick Rate:  128Hz
Prizes:  Cash Prize determined based on players - See Below

Screen-watching will result in instant DQ. Matches will be arranged around other tournaments to the best of our ability, but if your team aren't available for a match during the allotted time you will be DQed.

Non-Active Duty maps can be requested on negotiation with Admins and competing teams.

These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the EchoLan crew.

Challonge signup


  • Particle
  • jono
  • Addict-
  • huepanickiNg
  • jeepy

reel it in

  • jaystar
  • CrimZM
  • Wolfah
  • sweol

low cgo

  • rj
  • cyph


  • Kodi


  • pad0s
  • method1
  • saga
  • WaiZell
  • LSF

Nobody Likes Me Crew

  • tccki

No group

  • ZM

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