This tournament is for a past event.

The Playtech Hardware Smash at EchoLan Auckland 27

Bring your own mouse to smash (Or borrow one of ours). Take out your frustrations on that device that's never quite pointing where the head shots are. Let's destroy some mice!

Take a turn for a chance to win a BRAND NEW MSI Clutch GM70 Mouse, thanks to Playtech.

Pyre you pleb

  • NinjaPanda

JustinMada LAN

  • 5lay3r666
  • Arma

low cgo

  • rj
  • cyph

reel it in

  • CrimZM
  • Wolfah


  • jono
  • jeepy

Smash Bros

  • Double A
  • E-Dude
  • Jermal

Nobody Likes Me Crew

  • tccki

No group

  • TheVerse
  • Sinful Malice
  • SlackerB
  • ZM
  • skooda
  • Daza

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