This tournament is for a past event.

Choose Your Battle Royale at EchoLan Auckland 26

Do you chase after a Victory Royale every evening? Or perhaps you prefer the taste of a Chicken Dinner? Show us which victory is greater with the Fortnite vs PUBG Promotion at EchoLan Auckland 26. Join #TeamVictoryRoyale or #TeamChickenDinner, and help your team get the most wins to prove the greater Battle Royale!


Sign up, and join a team, and get to winning. Get a Victory Royale, or Chicken Dinner and show your victory screen to ANY admin. Your victory will be added to your team's tally. Promotion runs unitl 6PM on Saturday Evening, at which point the scored will be tallied, and we will see which is the greater Battle Royale!


WARNING - A New Challenger Approaches
TeamBlackout joins the fray. Log some wins in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Mode, show who the real royale players are.


These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the EchoLan crew.


  • Grasshopper0627
  • Sinful Malice
  • Daza


  • MikkyV
  • Particle
  • rj

Korean/Russian Communist Party

  • ChalzZy

No group

  • SlackerB
  • Jimmyjubealoo

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