This tournament is for a past event.

X-Wing Illegal Store Champs tournament at EchoLan Auckland 25

In Association with OCX

It is very unlikely NZ will see a store champs before 2.0, but never fear our amazing friends over at OCX Aces : World Wide X Wing Community have donated to us a prize kit to rival a regional let alone a store champs kit. 

We have dice, we have a ton of alt arts (2.0 and 1.0) we have system open damage decks, range rulers, and tokens, oh so many tokens.

Thanks to our friends EchoLan we're going to try something a little different venue-wise.

Standard 100pt Dogfight, Formal tournament rules and current FAQ ( )

Tickets are $25, you will have access to all the echolan promos including the ridiculously fun Keyboard Smash (baseball bat meet keyboard)

Entries close Wed 29/08, late entries at the TO's discretion.

Deranged Pony Dancers

  • AJ-P2
  • Captain Buckbeak
  • flyingkiwi

Sloth Squadron

  • Cole

No group

  • GGartland
  • NathanW

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2018 08 01

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