This tournament is for a past event.

Playtech Keyboard Smash at EchoLan Auckland 25

In Association with Thermaltake

After a long Hiatus, the Keyboard Smash is BACK.

Bring your own keyboard to smash (Or borrow one of ours). Everybody will get a chance to take out their frustrations on the number one tool that lets you down when getting those frags; an old crummy keyboard.

Take a turn for a chance to win a BRAND NEW Thermaltake Premium X1 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Silver Switches, thanks to Playtech and Thermaltake.


Yellow table or riot!

  • SlackerB

beer damaged

  • NinjaPanda


  • rj
  • cyphh_


  • Wolfah

EchoLan Crew

  • Pentacade

Mada Mada

  • WarFear

Group 1

  • Quip10

Slippery when wet

  • ZM

No group

  • Sinful Malice

Tournament Sponsors

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