Counter-Strike: GO tournament at EchoLan Auckland 23

3v3 Double Elimination


Maps: Active Duty Pool
Game Mode: Defuse
Time Limit: 1:55 per round
Win Condition:  First team to win 12 rounds
Prizes: TBC

While this tournament is advertised as a 5v5, if we don't have 15 players registered by the 15th of November, this tournament will become a 3v3.

Screen-watching will result in instant DQ. Matches will be arranged around other tournaments to the best of our ability, but if your team aren't available for a match during the allotted time you will be DQed.

Non-Active Duty maps can be requested on negotiation with Admins and competing teams.

These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the EchoLan crew.

Registered interest in this tournament
sloth c Jorge Salas International Expeditions TheVerse
5lay3r666 5lay3r666
Capture2 NinjaPanda
hTAJvfZ Arma


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