Tekken 7 tournament at EchoLan Auckland 22

Double Elimination


Map: Random
Game Mode: Duel
Time Limit: 90 seconds per round
Win Condition:  First to win three rounds
Prize: TBC

Console time! From 10.30PM on the Friday Night of EchoLan. It's a double elimination, best of 5, flat out brawl to find the King of the Iron Fist!

No ComBot, all others allowed, default skins only. 

Challonge bracket can be found here.

These rules are subject to modification and change by the Echolan Crew.

Registered interest in this tournament
Pyrefrost Pyrefrost
overwatch soldier 76 by sadecekaan da478jy WarFear
hTAJvfZ Arma
slackerMNIS SlackerB
535102 1690319961184508 7823920131699705655 n Slips
5lay3r666 5lay3r666
Avatar MrKiwi
Capture2 NinjaPanda
sj SamuraiJack


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