This tournament is for a past event.

Overwatch at EchoLan Auckland XX

6v6 Double Elimination

pin overwatch grande

Overwatch 6v6 is back! We'll be running a double elimination for this tournament. 

Matches are restricted to King of the Hill (Ilios, Lijiang Tower, and Nepal)

Challonge bracket can be found here.


Last team standing wins.

fuzzy pandas

  • TheVerse (Winner)

Mada Mada

  • Arma (Winner)
  • WarFear (Winner)
  • Pyrefox (Winner)
  • Grasshopper0627 (Winner)
  • ImQwerty
  • AlphaKiwi
  • aznriku

Team Baen

  • Blaser93 (Winner)
  • Baen


  • Schmylie
  • Agnat
  • Dark
  • Goose
  • Shweaty Pox
  • avocado


  • B3nd3L33t

PinkPoodle with a Greataxe

  • DragonK
  • Mcdeviant


  • Cheddam
  • Sinful Malice


  • Jimmyjubealoo
  • oo7ninjamonkey
  • SmorZ

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