This tournament is for a past event.

King of Games at EchoLan Auckland 19

Video Game Medley


Our staple tournament is back once again!
Sponsored by SteelSeries, we have two Siberia 200's up for grabs!
Our scoring system per game is as follows:

1st Place: 30 Points
2nd Place: 20 Points
3rd Place: 10 Points

And now for the games! We have:

The Ship: Nothing new here, 30 minute round and the top 3 get the points. Get hunting!
TrackMania Nations Forever: We'll have a server set up and running all day, top 3 times get the points.
The Quiz: The quiz is back with new questions! Answer as many as you can to get points.
VR Lightsabres: Ed will have the Vive setup so you can channel your inner Jedi (or Sith). RIP AND TEAR!
Mount your Friends: We will have PC set up all day for you to play this on. How high can you go?

No group

  • Sinful Malice
  • Jimmyjubealoo
  • Quip10
  • ColeBMX420
  • GoldenTakeaways
  • TheVerse

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