Team Tickets

40663987 1220842844723678 6820860420593549312 oWe are now providing the opportunity to purchase Team Tickets!

A team ticket consists of five standard seated tickets for EchoLan, at a discounted price of $180.
Still not sold? Here's a couple of perks that come along with Team Tickets:

  • Save 10%!
    I mean, who doesn't like to save money? You could even take that extra cash and buy yourself some extra sustenance for the LAN!

  • Easier Team Management
    Tired of pestering and questioning your teammates on whether or not they're coming? Well now they'll be obligated happy to! With the power of Team Tickets only one of you is needed to get your whole team organized!

How do I sign up!?
Simply click the link below to be taken to a Google Form to collect all the information we need, and then onto pay with Paypal!

Get in quick - Team Tickets are ONLY available until 31st July 2019

Buy your team ticket!