Power Up your Ticket

What's this Powered Up Ticket all about?
Power Up

It's just like the standard LAN experience, with a few extra perks. If you grab one of these limited issue tickets, you will be rewarded with the below exclusive perks.

  • A Guaranteed Car park
    Parking at in the onsite carpark is restricted to only crew members and Premium ticket holders. You will have a guaranteed park at the venue carpark for the duration of the event.

  • Drinks on Demand
    Access to the exclusive "Drinks on Demand" service offered by the admins. You are granted access to a discord channel, where you can request shop purchases - that will be delivered to your desk. You don't even have to leave your seat.

  • The EchoLan Swag Bag
    A bag of... well, swag! Also contains five Tokens for use at the EchoLan Shop.