Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament at EchoLan Auckland 27

Double Elimination

That's Right, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is coming to EchoLan 27. Thanks to the support from eGo and some members of the NZ Smash community.

Smash Ultimate RulsesetSmashBall4

Stocks: 3
Time: 8 min.
Stage Hazards: Off
Stage Morph: Off
Team Attack: On
Items: Off
Underdog Boost: Off
Smash Meter: Off
Miis: Legal
DSR: Modified

Game 1: Loser of RPS bans one of the Starter stages. Winner picks.
Onwards: Winner of previous game bans 2 Stages. Loser Picks.

Prizes: TBC

These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the EchoLan crew and the TOs.

No group

  • 5lay3r666

No group

  • Savaii
  • Double A


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