The Apex Legends Battle Royale; Battle Royale tournament at EchoLan Auckland 27

In the Apex Legends Battle Royale; Battle Royale players will have a time window in order to score Wins in Apex Legends. All scoring is individual and a win will award a point to each member of a winning squad.

We will be recording scores from Friday - 10:00pm, until Saturday - 7:00pm. (Winning matches outside of the time window will NOT count.)

How to confirm a win: Players will be required to show us a Score Screen of the winning match for us to confirm the win, only then will the score be recorded.

Every point will give you a chance in the draw to win the final prize. Multiple points WILL contribute to extra chances in the draw, with NO diminishing returns!
More wins = more chances!

Prize: Announcing Soon ;)

No group

  • TheVerse
  • 5lay3r666
  • skooda

Pyre you pleb

  • NinjaPanda

Mada Mada

  • Arma

Owen8 ヽ(。_°)ノ

  • Particle

low cgo

  • rj

reel it in

  • CrimZM

No group

  • SlackerB
  • Sinful Malice
  • ZM


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